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A guitar needs to sound good. Regardless of what it’s made of, if it can’t electrify a crowd with excitement and grooves it just won’t do. That is why Megumi is the only guitar manufacturer with strenuous design processes that sort each guitar by the type of musician that would own it. Lead by expert mucisians, we ensure that our guitars are worth your melodies. 

Our Story

Jive Jones spent his days serenading the subways of New York City, often catching the attention of famous musicians while playing on his rusty wooden guitar. They asked him why their expensive guitars couldn’t produce the same sounds as his. His answer: the strings lacked soul. That is why he founded Megumi from the Japanese word meaning “grace or blessing”, to create guitars built for each musician’s unique individual style of playing

“I tell ya something no one else will. It only takes a few strings, and a rusty voice to change the world.”

Jive Jones

Tailored For Every Tune

Everyone has their tune, their style, their groove. Music shouldn’t be restricted to the instrument. Any musician that wields one of our guitars will find his tone and melodies enhanced with flair. Our strings, weight, and balance of each guitar is made to cater to specific types of musicians for a perfect and exclusive fit. 

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Megumi is legendary. I've never felt a guitar this specially built, it felt like it was sent from heaven.
Mackenzie Liams
Bossa G
Flora Summers
Addison Bailey

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